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The fate of women is linked to that of revolutions.


D’Eaubonne saw ecofeminism as a new humanism that put forth the goals of the ‘feminine masses’ in an egalitarian administration of a reborn world. power in the hands of women but no power at all. The human being would be treated as a human being, not as a male or a female.

Women’s personal interests join those of the entire human community, while individual male interests are separate from the general interests of the community. The preservation of the earth was a question not just of change or improvement but of life or death. The problem, she said, paraphrasing Marx, is “to change the world … so that there can still be a world.”

But only the feminine, which is concerned with all levels of society and nature, can accomplish “the ecological revolution.” She concluded her foundation essay with the telling words: “And the planet placed in the feminine will flourish for all.”

Ecofeminism, in its various forms and nuances, remains a major topic for women today.

Over the years, new books and articles have appeared that elaborate on the term and the movement. Conferences have been held around the world; marches and movements continue to embrace its meaning and promote its goals. All of these manifestations have their origins in the early 1970s movements in Europe on which d’Eaubonne drew and elaborated in her book “Feminism or Death.”

Carolyn Merchant, 2021

The curse of the planet is only 40,000 km …

…and human ingenuity will never increase the size of the Earth.

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