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Audios of Françoise

More than 100 books from 1940 to today


1999: Around the witches sexocide

Françoise is 80 years old. Interviewed in a café in Saint-Denis (Paris) about Le Sexocide des sorcières, she talks about the religions of the Book and, more broadly, the misogyny, patriarchy and gynophobia of the mannerbund. She gives a brief portrait of herself, talks about her work as a writer and recalls some of her childhood memories.

1972: Destroying the power!

In 1972, the French television program Aujourd’hui Madame featured Françoise d’Eaubonne. Faced with an opponent who doesn’t understand why the feminist activist doesn’t want women to take power instead of men (for a male, not wanting power is totally incomprehensible), Françoise, terse, replies:
– All power is bad in anyone’s hands.
– Why take it, then?
– To destroy it!

Poems, songs, miscellaneous…

70’s: Some FHAR* songs

*Homosexual Revolutionary Action Front

The FHAR movement is born...

Edifying! Parents generally avoid singing this carol in front of the crib, in the presence of their little ones.

The FHAR song
Meetings at the Odéon

Well, my mom didn’t brag to me about that one. It has to be said that at the time of this feat of arms, I was only 12 to 15 years old, so that explains it. (Vincent)

A raid on Tours

At the time, Jean Royer was the symbol of rigid, and therefore homophobic, Catholic morality.


La Cigale et la Fourmi (J. de la Fontaine)

Classic French version followed by a 20th-century slang version.

From Lacenaire

A poem by Lacenaire, in the early 19th century (between 1820 and 1836), before he was guillotined.

Requiem pour un pédé

Recited version of the song “A Frederico Garcia Lorca”.

Various compositions and interpretations

Marie, Myriam, Meriem

A creation by Françoise, reminiscent of her novel Je ne suis pas née pour mourir.

To Federico Garcia Lorca

Garcia Lorca was not shot, the reality is even more sordid…

La Chaisière de Saint-Sulpice

Was it Françoise’s song, or an old realist song of which we have no trace?…

Le Pendu de Saint-Germain
Les 3 Marins de Groix

Un chant de marins. As we have already pointed out, Françoise was very attached to her Brittany.

Sur le pont de Morlaix

Another sailors’ song, in the same spirit. Un chant à hisser.