Paris, Éditions Cambourakis, preface Isabelle Cambourakis, 268 pages.

Published in 1978 in a feminist publishing house, the book brings together various writings and poems by d’Eaubonne written from 1975 in response to certain events, including the death in prison of Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF) activist Ulrike Meinhof in May 1976 and that of four of her comrades in October 1977. Some of these texts were written on the spot, some were reworked several times before publication.. Reading this book raises the question of the evolutions and adjustments of d’Eaubonne’s commitment over time. (Isabelle Cambourakis, 2022)

This book is an urgent reflection on Power and Violence. Françoise d’Eaubonne has a unique way of shooting red-hot at those who, imprisoning all thought, conflate Counter-violence with Violence. Brilliantly dismantling the hypocrisy of our society: “Non-violence is the tribute that a violent world pays to the idea of a society without violence”! Continuing her reflection, she attacks the source: power. It points to the need to destroy IT and take back OUR power, the power that everyone can exercise without limit.

Finally, she hits the bull’s eye with her final thrust, when she throws in the future: one day it will be the “Mutiny of women against the Society of Power ».” (Manon Soavi)