2023 : Je ne suis pas née pour mourir

Paris, Le Seuil, pocket, preface Pauline Harmange, septembre 2023

This 1982 novel tells the story of an Amazon, Thécla, who, after drinking a certain potion, goes through time and encounters great moments in history. For the first time, the myth of immortality is embodied by a woman. This prodigious adventure novel leads us to meet Alexander the Great, to the discovery of America by the Vikings, to the formidable machines designed by Leonardo da Vinci, to the war in Vendée,… up to Nazism and then to May-68.

2022 : Un bonheur viril

Paris, Des Femmes–Antoinette Fouque, 250 pages.

Released on November 10, this third volume closes (almost) the saga of the Without our knowing the reasons, this text, written in the early 1980s, had never been published. However, as Élise Thiébaut writes in her preface, “reading it I had the impression that it was the key to the whole saga, the entry point that allowed us to finally understand it in its entirety” .

It is about the global war of the sexes from the point of view of the enemy camp, through the neurotic vision of the founder of Gynophobia (a whole program…). We can draw a parallel with the work of Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale, published in 1985.

Thanks to the IMEC who allowed us to exhume this manuscript, to Élise Thiébaut, as well as to Alain for his valuable proofreading work.. (Vincent)